Sunday, August 19, 2012

She is just so STINKIN CUTE!

Penelope is the most adorable thing ever! I have some great just everyday shots Mom took of her in the floor.  Today was a big day!  She tried solid food for the first time!  We went to the doctor on Thursday and the doctor wanted us to start working on teaching Penelope how to eat solids.  She said for 2-3 weeks she wants us to do 1-2 tbsp of rice cereal or oatmeal each day in addition to her normal meals to just teach her to eat and not just push it out of her mouth.  Today we set up in the dining room and tried it out for the first time. She did great!!  She actually ate more than we expected. The rice was pretty grainy because we had a hard time getting it really I have a few plans to help smooth it out. We will try again tomorrow!


Helping Daddy with a puzzle


The Set up!

All blended up and ready to go

I'm ready! Bowl and Spoon!

Telling Daddy how to get my high chair set up

Strapped in and ready to go!

Nom nom nom

We had to pause in the middle to tell everyone a story!

Oddly, we didn't make as big of a mess as we expected!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Its been a while...

To say a lot has happened in the last month and a half is a bit of an understatement. Since I last posted we decided to pack up life and move to TEXAS, Penelope made her first appearance at the family reunion we go to every year, she has learned to roll over every way, can sit up - still mastering it but she is getting it fast!, started teething, and grasping the idea of crawling -- still a ways away from actually doing it, but she is starting to grasp it!

So the story:

Shortly after P was born, we decided we were a little too far from family and that working wasn't something I was enjoying too much with a little baby around.  We decided moving back to Texas would be the logical thing to do. Chris was able to get a job that pays enough that I don't have to work!!  WHOOP!!  He is such a wonderful husband!!

July 4th my parents came out to visit and took us back with them!  They rented a truck to take all our stuff back in.  Kent flew in Friday to help as well.  Saturday we were packing up and decided we needed another trailer so we rented on to pick up Sunday mid-day and head out after that. That night we stayed at The Phoenician to have a nice sleep before heading out. Sunday we got the trailer and were just almost packed up.  It was about 3:00 that afternoon and Dad walked into the house and asked where the truck key was...we looked for about an hour or so before giving up.  He called Penske to get another one.  We finally pulled out about 6:30 that night. We had to leave Chris so he could finish out the next week of work before heading here.

We spent that week in Andrews before heading to the lake the next week. Penelope got in the water for the first time.  She got to spend the week playing with her extended family that just adored her!!

We left there to go to Dallas for a couple of days before Chris started to work. Since then we have just been hanging out.

We are currently trying to find a rent house.  We have a lead on one that is just waiting to process.  Mom and I went by today and looked in all the windows and it looks super cute!  I really hope this one works out!!

Here are some pictures from the last month!

Getting Ready for the lake!

Happy 4th of July!

Helping Pops work!

Jam session with Daddy!

Cutest little girl in bathing suit EVER!

Chillin with my cousins

4 Month Lorax picture

Did I mention Chris had to shave?!?!  I cried a little...


Creepy Mario

Naked face

The two that keep stealing P's seats

Look at me!!!


I stole Pops Chair and phone!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Salon de Mommy

Saturday Chris had his first day of taking care of Penelope all by himself. They did great! I am now working in the Cafe at the Phoenician now too, in addition to the Banquets kitchen and office. Saturday was my first day by myself.  I hope I did okay...I will find out tomorrow when I'm back there for Monday and Tuesday.

Yesterday was bath day which equals today being crazy hair day!  So we decided to go to the Salon this morning before church to get our hair fixed up all pretty.  When we went to Texas on Mother's Day Mom bought us some hair stuff to make P's hair curl. Nanny did it when we were there, but I haven't gotten the lessons I need to be able to do it myself.  So I used it to just tame the crazy...

Getting our hair brushed and tamed

Putting our bow on

All done!

The supplies

Checkin out my do!  OOOooo

Dad, do you like it?

 This one is from the other day.  She is such a cutie!
I'm a bull rider in my spare time...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Can you believe it?!?!  We can't!  She has grown a little bit since day 1!

Sunday was Father's Day so we took a couple of pictures of Penelope and her Daddy!

We took a Lorax picture to see her grow!
This was day 2

3 Months! Weighing in at 10 lb 14 oz!

Hangin out with her buddy Lorax!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Week 2 of Work

I made it through a 2nd week of work.  I can't say its my favorite thing, but it pays the bills.  Penelope is growing so fast!  Today she rolled over for the first time all by herself!  She is so adorable!!  Since I worked 4 long days I didn't take many pictures and Friday I had her all day but I didn't put her down to take any pictures so these pics are mostly from today.  There are a few from other days, but mostly today....

Our dress last Sunday

Helping Daddy with his draft stuff on the video game

Good conversations with Daddy

Blowing kisses on her knees!

Why yes, I got this way all by myself!

This goes out to all my Uncles...

Yes, we wore this for about 45 min before we pooped...they bring out the best in her!

We were talking

It was good times

We napped this morning and they napped this afternoon!

Tummy time conversations with Daddy!

It was funny!

They were having a good ol time! 

I will try to take a few more this week. On Wednesday she will be 3 months old!!  EEP!!  
I am off that day so I will try and post something.